We go out of our way to make sure our game is the most uncomplicated Fantasy NASCAR game anywhere. Although our game is easy to play, it is a game of skill. You will rely on your knowledge of the NASCAR drivers to compete.

The game will be split up into 3 mini – ‘seasons’ as follows… The Season Opener (first 12 races), the Mid Season (next 12 races) and the Chase (last 12 races). .

You will pick 3 Drivers (your team) before each race from a list of the Top-30 drivers provided by FANTASY RACERS EDGE. With your 3 drivers you will be awarded points on how they finish that week’s race.

Scoring will be completed once NASCAR posts the official race results after each race (typically on the Monday or Tuesday following the race).

We will keep a running total of points for each player. We will post the updated player standings when NASCAR posts their official race results. Our scoring is official and final at the time of posting. If NASCAR makes late and/or unexpected changes to their official race results after we’ve already updated our scoring, our game standings will not reflect those changes.


Email us on admin@fantasyracersedge.net if you wish to participate and we’ll add you to the Twitter group!