Most draft style fantasy NASCAR leagues have about four participants, although I have participated in one league where we featured eight. I like to, at the least, get 4 team owners, so the draft pool of drivers doesn’t remain too vast and everyone creates a mega-roster of NASCAR superstars only. That takes a lot of the excitement out of fantasy NASCAR and reduces it primarily to a contest of luck. It’s not easy to decide if you’re interested in joining a fantasy NASCAR league, especially as they are often all completely different and unrelated in their stance on things. We like to keep 4 people in our individual leagues, though the winners of each league might go on and compare[…]


What is a fantasy NASCAR draft? Well, it’s extremely similar to the NBA draft, where the primary decision of things is reliant on luck and getting the coveted first pick. If you gett he first pick, this doesn’t necessarily guarantee that you’ll end up becoming the league champ. Oh no; only twice in the last 10 years has the person with the number one pick ended up being the league champion after the season is over! That’s why we love doing the fantasy draft, as it really does make you think about which drivers you should pick for your team. If you’re not familiar with the NBA draft either, it’s kind of like pulling out a random number from a[…]


Whilst it definitely isn’t exactly the same, Fantasy NASCAR does bear striking resemblances to other more popular fantasy sports that you can play like Fantasy Football and Fantasy NBA leagues. What’s different about the Fantasy NASCAR is that more often than not, we actually get together in a big group and draft driver that we’ve picked into our race teams for the season. This is a really important part of the process, as it increases social activity between everyone and gets us from behind our keyboards (many of us NASCAR fanatics and work online and love the social aspect of it). It’s a good opportunity for a group of guys to get together and have some fun. It isn’t[…]