Most draft style fantasy NASCAR leagues have about four participants, although I have participated in one league where we featured eight. I like to, at the least, get 4 team owners, so the draft pool of drivers doesn’t remain too vast and everyone creates a mega-roster of NASCAR superstars only. That takes a lot of the excitement out of fantasy NASCAR and reduces it primarily to a contest of luck.

It’s not easy to decide if you’re interested in joining a fantasy NASCAR league, especially as they are often all completely different and unrelated in their stance on things. We like to keep 4 people in our individual leagues, though the winners of each league might go on and compare their team to each other in certain circumstances. This is totally normal, and something that we encourage.


What do you think of fantasy NASCAR so far?

You like it? Well, that’s only a small part of the beauty of NASCAR. You can spend time browsing through which drivers you want to use without much issue and analyse their previous performances in past seasons. We love getting together to watch the races when they’re on the television; you get someĀ  really good banter between everyone involved! It’s a real thrill watching your NASCAR racer win in style! Even though some drivers think $500,000 a year in underpaid, we wouldn’t argue with that!

It can either be for the pure pride of winning your league, or it could be for the individual cash bets that each league makes (that we don’t condone), but we really do believe that our NASCAR league is one of the best leagues around. If you want any more information, remember to email us at

Remember that leagues run year round and there are many different series to compete in. If you fancy your chances, be sure to get in contact quick as places do run out and we need even numbers to make full leagues. Even Donald Trump is a massive fan of NASCAR, so you should be too!



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