What is a fantasy NASCAR draft? Well, it’s extremely similar to the NBA draft, where the primary decision of things is reliant on luck and getting the coveted first pick. If you gett he first pick, this doesn’t necessarily guarantee that you’ll end up becoming the league champ. Oh no; only twice in the last 10 years has the person with the number one pick ended up being the league champion after the season is over! That’s why we love doing the fantasy draft, as it really does make you think about which drivers you should pick for your team. If you’re not familiar with the NBA draft either, it’s kind of like pulling out a random number from a bowl with a number pick on it; whatever number you get decides which pick that you get! Sounds easy, right?

Where we differ from many of the other types of draft like the NBA draft is that we don’t go with the whole ‘finish 1st in the first round and you have to go last in the second round of picks’ mentality. We do both rounds individually, so you could be lucky enough to end up getting the first pick in both drafts. Or, if you’re really unlucky you could end up getting the last pick in both drafts! Sucks, right? Well, not if you get the first pick in both! Some people do think that this isn’t fair, but I completely disagree with the theory that you deserve the first pick in the second round if you’re last in the first. It’s just luck, right?

You’re unlikely to run into as many issues with the NASCAR draft as other sport drafts, as it’s designed to be a lot easier to use. It generally just works as we do it in the order of your picks, as opposed to the confusing other methods that are used. At the end of the ten draft picks, we then just sit back and see how the next few races go! It’s more exciting than it sounds, trust me!

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