How many people are usually in a fantasy NASCAR draft?

In a normal scenario, we try and stick to 4 in each league. There are some circumstances where the league will be 8 people if requested, or sometimes even 16 in some scenarios. Even though there might only be 4 people in your league, when we meet up there are numerous amounts of people from different leagues. This creates a more social atmosphere for everyone!


Why only 4 people to a league?

Have you ever tried to control a league of more people? Firstly, there aren’t enough racers to have significantly more than that. It can be enough to control 4 people, let alone 8 or 16!


What do I won if I win the fantasy NASCAR league?

Well, winning is it’s own reward and you’ll receive a trophy but no monetary value. Many fantasy NASCAR participants choose to create their own monetary bets within their respective league, but we don’t condone or wish to comment on that.


Ok I’m sold… How do I join?

Hit us up with an email at and we’ll reply within 24 hours regarding your application!