Whilst it definitely isn’t exactly the same, Fantasy NASCAR does bear striking resemblances to other more popular fantasy sports that you can play like Fantasy Football and Fantasy NBA leagues. What’s different about the Fantasy NASCAR is that more often than not, we actually get together in a big group and draft driver that we’ve picked into our race teams for the season. This is a really important part of the process, as it increases social activity between everyone and gets us from behind our keyboards (many of us NASCAR fanatics and work online and love the social aspect of it). It’s a good opportunity for a group of guys to get together and have some fun. It isn’t just about winning for us; no, that’s most definitely not one of the reasons that we are involved in the Fantasy League. We enjoy some competitive aspect, but that isn’t everything.

Where it is similar to other fantasy leagues is that you are required to have ‘bench’ drivers. This means that some of your drives will start on the bench, which makes sure that you do have some decision making to make each week. This is crucial to the process, as we don’t want to rely entirely on the luck of the draw that the draft gives us.

Each point system is different, but our point system works as so;

1st; 100 points

2nd; 60 points

3rd ; 40 points

4th; 30 points

5th; 20 points

6-8th; 15 points

9-10; 12 points

10-15; 10 points

16-20; 8 points

20-29; 5 points

30+; 1 consolation point!


We help you set up a league for yourself, or if you’re an individual, you’re welcome to join one of our leagues. We work primarily through social media like Twitter and Facebook, so you’ll need to be comfortable with your social profile being on display.

If you’re interested in joining the Fantasy NASCAR draft, then please contact us at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. We’re scattered all throughout the States, so the likelihood is that there is a league near you that you can join without much issue.


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